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PRODUCTS:FH-B High-speed Compound of Extruder Machine  




1.Paper-plastic complex 2.Aluminum-plastic complex 3.Plastic-plastic complex

4.Paper-aluminumplastic complex



■Performance and Characteristics


1.PLC man-machine interface controls assembly, designing intergratedly with machine,elctric and gas.
2.High accuracy and edgeless imported die head.
3.Mix-making worm with speedy and high efficiency.
3.Static mix-making unit of new technology.
4.Speedy replacing mesh unit.
5.Wrap-up and unreeling receives material and replaces rolls automatically, under the speed of 150 m -180 m, itcan change rolls automatically without stopping the machine. Among them accessory (Ⅱ) unreeling replace rolls automatically is advancing at domestic.
6.Equips with dry complex screw system, together with functions of this type.
7.It could be fixed with single extruder, double extruders, multi-extrudersand mltilevel extruding synchronously.
Producing methods :
1.Single shower membrane complex
2.  Three-level (sandwich) complex
3.  Multi-level complex (with seven-level complex at one time)

Main Technical Variables


  • Machinery specifications1100/90mm、1100/100mm、1300/90mm、1500/105mm、1800/110mm
    Max speed of coating film150 m/min、180m/min
    Suitable coating film resinLDPE、PP、EVA、EAA
    Suitable backing materialBOPP、BOPET、BOPA、CPP、CPE
    Width of coating film1100mm、 1300mm、 1500mm、 1800mm
    Thickness of coating film0.012 ~ 0.05mm
    naccuracy thickness of coating film≤±5%
    complex cooling roller¢500mm、¢600mm、¢700mm
    Worm specifications(L/D)¢90:33、¢100:33、¢105:33、¢110:33
    Main unreeling diameter¢800mm ~ 1500mm
    Auxiliary unreeling diameter¢500mm
    Wrap-up diameter¢800mm ~ 1700mm

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