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PRODUCTS£ºYZ-B Two Colour Offset Printing Machine  


¡öPerformance and Characteristics


1. Adopted machine-units arrangement, one double-diameter cylinder and two single-diameter cylinders fulfill the transition. A global advanced and unique turnover mechanism is attached on the transition cylinder, it completes perfect printing through the turnover head on the second transition cylinder grippering the end margin of sheet.
2. Intelligentized and personalized touch screen control system.
3. Automatic plate changer device.
4. Touching the screen control system without stop machine achieves exact vertical and circle adjustments. Precision is 0.01mm.Printing precision, continuous and stable printing are all guaranteed.  
5. Alcohol plate dampening system, the motor driven by separated dampening roller has speed reinforcing function, evenly distributed solution film reduces dpi augment, Alcohol consistency auto-testing unit is optional.
6. Pneumatic control and transacting mechanism realize various functions like automatic inking, dampening, turnover adjustment and plate changer etc. Greatly simplified structure, decreased machine size, diminished main motor power, reduced medium transferring links. Improved the acting speed of transacting mechanism and enhanced running reliability and stability.
7. Super strong casting iron board, the structure design of machine base is like big offset press. These make its structure durable, stable and reliable. High-precision skew gear transmission, low noise, smooth and anti-impact during printing, which guarantee performance precision and service life.
8. Continuous suction for paper feeding mechanism, and upper swing gyral paper delivery device.
9. Automatic lubricating system



 ¡öMain Technical Variables

Maxi.Printing Speed12000r/h10000r/h
Maxi.dimension of paper520×370mm520×370mm
Mini.Sheet of paper148×100mm210×182mm
Paper thickness0.04-0.4mm
Maxi.Printing Areage510×360mm510×350mm
Feed Pile Height900mm 
Delivery Pile Height420mm 
Machine Dimension 2690×1820×1720mm

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