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PRODUCTS£ºYT-D Fully-automatic Overprint inter mittent High-speed Brand Printing Press  




¡öPerformance and Characteristics



1¡¢Adopt paper shuttling mode, merely one block roller could do without reference to the size of paper.
2¡¢Adopt no-axes control system, control every servo motor of each roll in printing driver accurately, which make the optimization control to machine state.
3¡¢Adopt color code photoelectric sensing technology to automatically overprint first so as to improve the precision of overprint and shorten the prepare time of pre-print.
4¡¢Adopt optimum ink roller collocation and speed, which could avoid the produce with ink line and slur, improve the printing quality.
5¡¢First design printing pressure regulator, which makes it needn't to regulate pressure while changing the block roller, and can improve efficiency consumedly.
6¡¢The supply of ink and the speed of the machine will change proportionally, makes the printing result better.
7¡¢Troubles of the machine would be shown on the screen automatically, which will shorten the repair time.
8¡¢Paper winding and feeding, printing, overprinting, circuit press and circuit mold cutting, waste discharging, rewinding will be finished together.
9¡¢This equipment most suits prints the multi-variety Different batch quantity,is printing the Middle-grade and upscale non adhesive trademark factory most ideal machine.



¡öMain Technical Variables


Max web width (mm) 320
Max printing width (mm) 300
Printing speed (m/min) 60
Dimensions (color ) 2-9
Max putting diameter (mm ) 50-245
Max winding diameter (mm ) 700
Max diameter of receiving (mm ) 700
Overall dimensions ( L x W x H )(mm) 6800x1600x1400
Machine weight (kg ) 6000
Electrical source 200V/Av. Three-phase 50/60H 50A 17.3KVA

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