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PRODUCTS:slitting machine for surface unloading roll  

一、Functions and Characteristics :
This perfect machine is suitable for slitting small scale materials ,such as rollers of plastic glue film, aluminum foil, PVC, plastic film, insulation material . The main motor adopts variable frequency speed regulation, to use the constant tension magnetic powder control on unwinding, auto photoelectric edge correction, two units of magnetic powder clutch on rewinding, blocking with main motor, control (barometric pressure) the central volume reeling and with contact the surface, the two axle inter rewinding, never nips the mouth, and have the meter preset,auto stop functions.
二、Main configuration:
⒈ Chassis under machine and sides of baffle adopted channel steel weld construction.
2. Rewinding tension adopt magnetic powder Clutch 10Kg 2pcs.(Tai’wan produce)
3. Unwinding tension adopted magnetic powder Brake 10Kg 1pc.
(Tai’wan produce)
4. Unwinding equipped with auto tension control.(Constant tension)
5. 2 expansible shaft for rewinding;1 mechnical shaft for unwinding,as well as a spare expansible shaft.
6. Automatic rectifying deviation
7. Auto meter counting and meter presetting.
8. Splittting Device equiped circle knife 10 sets.
9.All the gears and chains on this machine adpot hardness thermal refining.
10.Spare parts together with machine is spanner wrench  one
set,English manual.
三、Main Technical Parameters:
Max.width of raw material                  1400mm
Max.diameter of raw material               φ1000mm
Internal Diameter of rolling paper core    φ25-φ76mm
Diameter of rewinding                      φ420mm
Min.width of split cut                     5MM
Electrical machinery power                 5.5/7.5kw
Overall dimensions                         2500×2500×1100mm

Weight of machine                          3000kg


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