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PRODUCTS:SC Plastic Sheet Extruder Machine  




Our plastic sheet extruder is designed and made by absorbing and digesting advanced technology at home and abroad.It is mainly used to produce plastic sheet of PP,PE,PS and make the packing containers like for beverage mugs,icecream cups,jelly cups,and so on.

Main Performance and Characteristics:

1.The sheet thickness symmetrical and flowing speed constant, these due to large L/D ratio of the extrusion unit.
2.The die head adopt high speed motor screen changer device easy operation and high production efficiency.
3.The Rolly be adjust by worm wheel with high precision
4.It is a more reasonable technics to adopt three-roller structure,it can improve the quality of sheet.
5.Adopt advanced frequency converter to be easy to adjust the rewinding speed and three rollers .



Main Technical Variables:

1.      Model: PE-1000
2.      Sheet Width(mm):1000
3.      Screw Dia(mm):110
4.      L/D Ration of Screw:1:32
5.      Thickness of sheet(mm):0.3-2.0
6.      Max Output(kgs/h):180
7.      Main Motor Powder(kw):45
8.      Assembling Powder(kw):85
9.      Operating Powder(kw):~52
10.  Machine Dimension(mm):1200 X2400 X2000
11.  Machine Weight(kgs):5500



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