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PRODUCTS:JB-F Double wall machine  




 To customers requirement, when drink hot water,coffee,and hot noodle,,,,only one wall paper cups/bowls become very hot,in rder to prevent hands from hurting by hot drinks, we make a sleeve(out coat/jacket)over the inner cup/bowl . That means two walls(layers) cup/bowl .



Perfomance and Characteristics:


 Automatic Double Wall Machine is an accessory to the paper cup/bowl machine. It enjoys advanced technology and reasonable design, and has the functions of automatic paper-feeding, sealing , trouble alarming and counting.
Double wall paper cups have two layers(walls), the inner is the white cup(bowl), the out layer is the jacket with printing.So to make double wall paper cups need two types machines,

1.to make the inner cup,use paper cup forming machine,
2.to make the out jacket, use the Double Wall Machine .  To make the hollow style, the bottom of the out sleeve is folding/curling like the inner white-cup's bottom


■Main Technical Variables:


Row material of outside packing: Wite plank paper of ash bottom(with smooth and bright printing)

Ration productivity: 40--50 pcs per minute

Total power: 4 KW  

Power source: 380 V,220 V50 HZ,60 HZ or other needed

Whole machine weight: 850 kg 

Appearance size(L x W x H): 2450 x 1260 x 2000 mm





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